Bi-Weekly support group for anyone who is writting a novel, lifestyle blog, meditation for students or text for your business.



Do you have a book, blog, meditation or text that you know your soul wants you to write? 

Have you been mulling the idea around for awhile or working on it consistently for the past year and are now in the final push out moments of your book? 

Author, Candace McKim has created a brand new Circle of Writers for anyone who is committed to writing so that we can support each other through the ups and downs, the vulnerability and the feelings of being all alone that you may go through as a writer.  Together we will provide each other with weekly check-ins for accountability, creative insight and inspiration to get us all through the hurdles of vulnerability and procrastination when writing the next great novel, lifestyle blog, meditation for students or text for your business. 

This Circle of Writers will not be a how to do it, but instead group support for you as a writer.  I will share with you my style and techniques that I used for writing my first book and oracle cards.  How I got them self-published and as the author of Yogini’s Guide - Intuition Is A Choice bookand Yogini’s Guide to Intuition Oracle Cards, I will offer my strong intuition and insight to support you through your process and draw you cards for focus and guidance. Most importantly this will be a weekly check-in group for each of us to share our wins with each other, discuss our challenges and gain support from others going through a similar experience.

If you are a writer and want to be a part of our group of writers / authors please join us and let’s get writing!  Whether you are writing a book, blog, meditations or creating text for your company, we are here to support each other through accountability, guidance and cheerleading each other to success.


We will be meeting the first and third Tuesday of each month SEPTEMBER-FEBRUARY from 7:00-8:30AM

(these times can be changed slightly with group consensus) online via ZOOM

Plus, you will be connecting with a “buddy” on the alternate weeks (via text, email, in person or by phone).  We know, only too well, that life can throw us curve balls and resistance can show up the second we take a step forward.  But at this time… Can you fully commit to this schedule?

-  September - February, 2019

First and Third Tuesday of each month

-  7:00-8:30AM (these times can be changed slightly with group consensus)

- Online using ZOOM

- Cost: As an additional and interesting twist YOU get to decide what you want to pay to be apart of our Circle of Writers.  Take a moment to meditate on what will motivate you to stay committed to the group and reflect the importance of what you are creating.  From that place ask what is this support worth to you?  You will put that amount into the application form. 

***Please note*** This will be a small intimate group of committed people and is by application only.


Get the Support You Need

We all have a story to write, if it’s your time to intuitively share yours with others, this may be exactly the support you’ve been looking for. I am super excited to hear from you and for us to share in this writing journey together.
Please apply soon and lets get writing!


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