Senior Leaders of the Intuitive Coaching Academy


     Janet Key

As a successful Prosperous Woman financial coach and inspirational Speaker Janet thrives on helping powerful, women get mindful about money and embrace financial power.

By Prosperous Woman Coaching, Janet creates a clear roadmap to get you from dreaming to doing. Clients and friends alike trust her warmhearted, approachable advice and guidance. Her words motivate and empower women to claim responsibility for their finances – and their lives. Ready to embrace your financial power?

Prosperous Woman Training with Janet

In this inspiring training with Janet you’ll create a roadmap for your financial destination. We all have a relationship with money, seeking financial freedom and healthy, happy relationships.  Money is emotional but Janet opens the door for women to have courageous conversation to step fully into our authentic selves and create the wealth we desire. Janet will share with you, positive mindset strategies and practical money solutions to manage your money and your emotions.

• Your relationship with money thoughts, words & actions

• Create a prosperity plan.

  • Mastering spending Mindless VS Mindful
  • Getting Financially naked & how to create a healthy financial relationship


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    June Palmer~ Mikwan 

June Palmer is a proud First Nation Woman from Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation. Mikwan is Junes name given to her in Spirit Lodge. Pronounced as (Me-gwon) means Feather in Cree. Mikwan is an Intuitive healer/ Reiki Master Practitioner with a passion for Crystal Singing bowls and using sound to help promote healing and relaxation.  Mikwan has always been an Intuitive person and was gifted her first Eagle feather at 11 years old, since then she has kept on learning from her elders and teachers. Always adding to her medicine pouch of abilities and strengths, so that she may be of service and to help people on their healing journey. 
Training with June
Energy Rituals and Crystal bowl Healing Medicine 
It is Mikwan's intention to share the benefits of using different sounds as healing tools.  Sound baths, Crystal Bowls, Chimes. Mikwan believes vibrational energy of different tones can promote healing.   After all, we’re all vibrational energies having a physical experience.  I feel sound healing and meditation are a beautiful mix for mindfulness, deepend meditation practice and is just healing to the core.  Much like going to a massage therapist for the muscles, Sound bath is a massage for the soul. 🌺
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    Lori-Ann Brough


Become a Senior Leader

A Senior Leader is someone who has taken training with Candace McKim and wants to take the Intuitive Coaching Academy Certification Training or has already taken this training and wants to continue to be a part of this community, offer their own expertise and stay connected to colleagues and training.  

As a Senior Leader with previous training with me, you’ll receive:

1.     The full six months of Live On-line certification training at a discounted rate.

2.     An opportunity to present as the EXPERT in one of the modules during the trainings.

3.     Recommendation as an awesome coach available to be of service to all participants and featured on my website.

4.     Lead With Intuition on-line video training immediately.

5.     Additional group Business Coaching.

6.     An affiliate opportunity.  Receive $500 for each person you bring into the training.


7.     Strong community/collaboration opportunities with the Candace and other Senior Leaders.  


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