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Women & Worth, Wealth & Wellness!

Which one of these words resonates with you the most? Women, Worth, Wealth or Wellness? Our Circle of Women is an impactful way for you to unite with like-minds and like-ideas so that you can create balance and embrace your femininity to fully step into your purpose, connect to your intuition and THRIVE!

I get excited about the idea of women stepping into this powerful place. I believe our circle is a movement of Women who together, are doing just that - recognizing our Worth, gaining Wealth and doing this all with a strong focus on Wellness.
Having support from A Circle of Women is key for you to stay clear and grounded in your visions, intentions and self-care while supporting each other into greatness!!!!

This is a weekly Group for Women who are ready to do the internal work, stay connected to their intuition and move fully into their purpose! By harnessing the power of our Intuition, Candace McKim, along with the group, will cradle you through cycles of growth and lifted up to your full potential. Lets maintain our focus of valuing our incredible Yogini selves!!!

Yogini's Guide -

Intuition Is A Choice

Learn from Candace McKim, author and the original Yogini as we bring the chapters from Candace's book into our lives.  Join this exclusive group, live online, and tune into weekly sessions from the comfort of your own home or your mobile device.

This Supportive & Guided Circle is perfect for you if:

  1. You feel stuck in your job, career, living situation or at a crossroad.
  2. You are committed to getting connected to your intuition.
  3. You feel you are done doing it all alone and you're ready to commit to a tribe of like-minded women.
  4. You feel something is missing - You have been searching for something.
  5. You want more out of life.

The Circle of Women is NOT for you:

  1. If you have decided to just grin and bear it 
  2. If you are still trying to talk yourself into believing “I have everything already, so I should be happy!”
  3. If you have a time frame BEFORE you will let yourself create change and JOY.  EG: "When the kids move out, when we sell the company...


 Are You Ready?

Whether you’re looking for a massive life overhaul or a support group to grow your light and lift you up, this is where you’ll find it.

Candace demystifies the practice of using our intuition and includes it as part of daily life. Along with a practical guide to living a yogic lifestyle she helps us understand all the complexities in a simple charming manor.

The Details of What's in This Program

Click below to find out what you get when you sign up for A Circle Of Women!

  • 2 Personalized card reading or coaching sessions throughout the program with Candace ($300 Value)
  • 5 Months (20 sessions) of weekly group interactive, informative sessions lead by Candace.
  • Audio and video recording of each week's session.
  • 2 Tickets to Candace’s 2019 Signature event - details will be announced.
  • First opportunity to attend Candace’s annual retreat at a discounted price.
  • First opportunity to join Candace’s mentorship program.
  • Weekly guided meditations relating to the chapter of Yogini's Guide - Intuition Is A Choice book that we are discussing. Each meditation will be recorded and then made available as a downloadable audio file.
  • Explanations of each chapter to offer a deeper understanding; relating to each woman’s every day life, how it links to current events and situations going on around the world.
  • “Homework suggestions” and tools to use to help you come back to your intuition and awareness of your chakras at play.
  • Weekly reminders of how you can continue to make your life the best it can be for yourself, your family and your community.
  • Guidance to design an intention to keep you motivated and to remind you of your greatness.
  • Grounding and security with your inner strength and inner knowing of who you are and permission to OWN that unique part of you.
  • Clarity of your purpose and how to follow intuitive guidance to fulfill your soul's desire.
  • Connection to your vision as you bring it into manifestation.
  • Movement through fear and discomfort with support and understanding.
  • Clarity on how to speak clearly and confidently about your purpose.
  • Excitement about the life you are creating!
  • The opportunity to be an integral part of this inner circle.
  • CONNECTION with other like minded women who are walking this path with you and being an integral part of the forefront Yogini's who are making a difference. Part of your Tribe!

How it works:

Register and pay right here through the link below.

You will receive a confirmation email with instructions for how to connect into each week's group sessions, instructions for how to access each week's recordings, and you will be invited to our Closed Facebook Group:
Yogini's Guide - A Circle Of Women.

You will be invited to book 1 complimentary 30 minute card reading/coaching session with Candace at your convenience within the program dates every 3 months. Notice and Link will be emailed out during each quarter.


Every Tuesday until July 2nd with no sessions on March 5th or 12th 2019.

Attend an Online, Live & Interactive Group Workshop Session lead by Candace McKim. Each week the Session will be scheduled at different times of the day to offer options for everyone, please add these times to your calendar to stay committed to your group.

Recordings of the session will be published here on this site and made available exclusively for the members of the group. If you miss a session or wish to go back and review a session, you will be able to access the video recording and the audio recording (downloadable to your computer or phone). Every Day Support through the Closed & Exclusive Facebook Group

 Package Value- $960  

*Your PRICE: $78.00/Month

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5 x payments

  • Payment taken each month (for the next 5 months)
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